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About Cove Creek Photography

About Cove Creek Photography


Cove Creek Photography brings nature's beauty into your life through fine photography cards and prints.  Handmade Christmas cards and other special holiday and occasion cards are created from my original nature photography, and I personally print all cards in my studio.  Giclée and photographic glossy prints are printed by a professional photography lab.  All of my images, whether on cards or prints, represent what I saw through my camera lens. 

When photographing wildlife, I follow ethical photography practices:

  • I use a telephoto lens and keep enough distance between myself and my subject so as not to disturb their natural behavior

  • I wear camouflage to blend in with my surroundings

  • I do not use "bait" to lure in wildlife

  • I do not use playback of bird calls to lure in birds

I am out with my camera throughout the year, so I am always adding to products offered on this site, as well as posting images on social media.  You can follow me on BlueskyTwitter (X) and Instagram to view a gallery of images.  I often post new products on Pinterest, and you can check out my blogs on this site, or on Tumblr for musings on bird photography and anecdotal observations of native birds of the southeastern United States.