About Harvey Williams

Information about Harvey & Terri Williams and Cove Creek Photography.

My wife, Terri and I live south of Prairie Grove, AR on seven acres, with our chocolate lab, Suzy. Our land is mostly wooded and steep and has become a wildlife sanctuary of sorts, lots of birds, deer, and other critters to photograph and watch. The area is know as Cove Creek, thus the name. 

We were both raised in South Arkansas (Camden). We moved to Cove Creek in 2005 and have grown to love this part of Arkansas. Mainly, because of the unique landscape and abundant photo opportunities.

I make a living as a banker. My passion is nature photography and most of my free time is spent outdoors taking pictures.

Terri and I have five kids between us. Kandi Jo lives in Dover, AR. Jason and his wife Leslie with Grandson Raylan live in the Dallas area. Bryan, his wife Amy, and the grandkids, Caden & Courtney live in Richmond, VA. Whitney, her husband Nick, and grandson William live in Benton, AR.  The youngest, Jordan lives in Pine Bluff, AR.

I serve on the Northwest Arkansas Advisory Council of The Nature Conservancy(www.tnc.org) in Northwest Arkansas. They do tremendous work in this area concerning water quality and protection of endangered or threatened species. My favorite Preserve is Smith Creek, located on the south side of  Boxley Valley, near Ponca. One of my great pleasures is that I am the unofficial caretaker of the Preserve. As you can tell from my photos, I spend a lot of time there, throughout the year.

I hope you like what you see.

Some of my photographs are on display in the offices of Steve Bertram, CPA and Dr. Susan Rogerson's office in Fayetteville, Cedar Crest Lodge in Ponca, and in the Arkansas House Callery in Jasper.

A great big thank you to Bob Shull of Rogers, AR for designing and setting up this website. Bob's photographs can be seen at www.bobshull.com.

All photos on this website are copyrighted. However, they may be  available to educators and non-profits with permission.