Smith Creek April 22, 2011

Posted on: Saturday, April 23, 2011 by Harvey Williams 

The weather held off perfectly for the field day at Smith Creek. A great way to celebrate Earth Day and Good Friday. Smith Creek is one of the great cathedrals on our planet. We had about 15 folks for the hike from the bridge to the springs. The best part of the day was seeing two wildflowers that I had not been able to see before. The trumpet honeysuckle and the columbine. The creek had good flow with the falls and cascades putting on a good show for the visitors.

Below is a list of the wildflowers that were blooming:

Blue Phlox, Downy Phlox, Blue Violets, Yellow Violets, Pale Violets, Wild Hyacinth, Solomens Seal, Ohio Bucheye, Ozark Spiderworts, Columbine, Trumpet Honeysuckle, Wake Robin, Fire Pinks, Jacobs Ladder, Wild Geranium, Jack in the Pulpit, Dwarf Iris, and Virginia Waterleaf.